Joint Mathematics Colloquium



Winter-Spring 2007

Date Place Speaker Title
January 25 Northeastern
509 Lake Hall
Mikhail Khovanov
Columbia University
Link homology
February 1 Brandeis
317 Goldsmith
Howard Masur
University of Illinois at Chicago
Rational billiards, Fuchsian groups and ergodic theory
February 15 MIT
Room 2-190
Ravi Vakil
Murphy's Law in algebraic geometry: badly-behaved moduli spaces
February 22 Harvard
Science Center D
Daniel Tataru
University of California, Berkeley
Long term dynamics for wave and Schroedinger evolutions on a curved background
March 1 Brandeis
317 Goldsmith
Guido Kings
Universitat Regensburg
A p-adic analogue of the Borel regulator
March 8 MIT
Room 2-190
Karen Smith
University of Michigan
Uniform Results in Algebra and Geometry via Multiplier Ideals
March 15 Northeastern
509 Lake Hall
Alexander Barvinok
University of Michigan
Brunn-Minkowski inequalities for contingency tables,integer flows, and related quantities
March 22 MIT
Room 2-190
Mark Kisin
University of Chicago
The Fontaine-Mazur conjecture and modular forms
March 29 Brandeis
Robbert Dijkgraaf
University of Amsterdam
Quantum Field Theory, D-Modules and Integrable Systems
April 5 Harvard
Science Center D
Claire Voisin
Institut de mathématiques de Jussieu
Hodge loci and absolute Hodge classes
April 19 Northeastern
509 Lake Hall
Raphaël Rouquier
University of Oxford
Dunkl operators and Hilbert schemes
April 26 Harvard
Science Center D
Venkatesan Guruswami
University of Washington
Reed-Solomon codes, low-degree automorphisms, and error-correction with optimal rate
May 3 Harvard
Science Center D
Akshay Venkatesh
Courant Institute, NYU
Effective equidistribution on homogeneous spaces
May 10 MIT
Room 2-190
Manjul Bhargava
Princeton University
Sums of squares and the "290 theorem"
May 17 MIT
Room 2-190
Vic Reiner
University of Minnesota
Invariant theory and a combinatorial phenomenon
The Colloquium is held on Thursday afternoons.
Tea is from 4:00 to 4:30.  Talks are from 4:30 to 5:30.

Colloquium organizers

Brandeis University Edward Goldstein
Harvard University Joachim Krieger
Andreea Nicoara
Danijela Damjanovic
Lior Silberman
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Kiran Kedlaya  
Denis Auroux 
Northeastern University Andrei Zelevinsky

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