Joint Mathematics Colloquium



Fall 2010

Date Place Speaker Title
September 16 Northeastern
509 Lake Hall
Benson Farb
University of Chicago
Representation theory and homological stability
September 23 Brandeis
317 Goldsmith
Hanspeter Kraft
Math Institute Basel
Affine Space Bundles and Linearization
October 7 Northeastern
509 Lake Hall
Bertrand Eynard
CEA Saclay
From random matrices to algebraic geometry
October 14 Brandeis
317 Goldsmith
Vitaly Bergelson
Ohio State University
Poincaré Recurrence Theorem: from Stability of the Solar System to the Green-Tao Theorem on Arithmetic Progressions in Primes
October 21 MIT
Room 4-237
Charles Fefferman
Princeton University
Interpolation of data in R^n
October 28 Harvard
Science Center A
Simon Brendle
Stanford University
Curvature, sphere theorems, and the Ricci flow
November 4 Northeastern
509 Lake Hall (NOTE UNUSUAL TIME: 5 PM)
Raman Parimala
Emory University
Galois cohomology of function fields of surfaces
November 18 Harvard
Science Center E
Eyal Goren
McGill University
Recent developments in the theory of complex multiplication
December 9 MIT
Room 2-190 (NOTE UNUSUAL TIME: 2:45 PM)
Kevin Costello
Northwestern University
Algebraic structures in perturbative quantum field theory
The Colloquium is held on Thursday afternoons.
Tea is from 4:00 to 4:30.  Talks are from 4:30 to 5:30.

Colloquium organizers

Brandeis University Refik Inanc Baykur
Lior Fishman
Harvard University Joseph Rabinoff
Yu-Jong Tzeng
Kirsten Wickelgren
Xinwen Zhu
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Mark Behrens  
Ben Brubaker 
Scott Sheffield
Northeastern University Valerio Toledano Laredo 
Jonathan Weitsman 
Andrei Zelevinsky

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