Joint Mathematics Colloquium



Fall 2007

Date Place Speaker Title
September 13 MIT
Room 4-370
Leonid Polterovich
Tel Aviv University
Symplectic quasi-states: topology, function theory and dynamics
September 20 Brandeis
317 Goldsmith
Bjorn Poonen
University of California, Berkeley
Undecidability in number theory
September 27 MIT
Room 4-370
Paul Sally
University of Chicago
Supercuspidal Representations from Mautner to Kim-Yu and Stevens
October 4 Northeastern
215 Shillman Hall (NOTE UNUSUAL PLACE)
Bernhard Keller
Université Paris 7
Cluster algebras and quiver representations
October 11 Harvard
Science Center D
Duong Hong Phong
Columbia University
The Kahler-Ricci flow and stability
October 18 Northeastern
509 Lake Hall
Valery Alexeev
University of Georgia
Canonical limits of varieties
October 25 Brandeis
317 Goldsmith
Joseph Auslander
University of Maryland
The Galois theory of minimal flows
November 1 Northeastern
509 Lake Hall
David Ben-Zvi
University of Texas, Austin
Langlands duality for complex groups
November 8 MIT
Room 4-370
Jeffrey Adams
University of Maryland
The Atlas of Lie Groups and Representations
November 15 Harvard
William Minicozzi
Johns Hopkins University
The rate of change of width under flows
November 29 MIT
Room 4-370
Carlos Kenig
University of Chicago
Recent developments in the well-posedness of non-linear dispersive equations
December 6 Harvard
Douglas Arnold
IMA, University of Minnesota
The geometrical basis of numerical stability
The Colloquium is held on Thursday afternoons.
Tea is from 4:00 to 4:30.  Talks are from 4:30 to 5:30.

Colloquium organizers

Brandeis University Edward Goldstein
Harvard University Danijela Damjanovic
Andreea Nicoara
Ben Weinkove
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Kiran Kedlaya  
Denis Auroux 
Northeastern University Valerio Toledano Laredo  
Andrei Zelevinsky

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