Joint Mathematics Colloquium



Fall, 2001

Date Place Speaker Title
September 28 Harvard
Science Center D
Fernando Villegas
University of Texas, Austin 
Periods, L-functions and knots
October 4 Brandeis
317 Goldsmith
Vadim Kaloshin
Growth of the number of periodic points for generic diffeomorphisms  
October 11 Northeastern
509 Lake
Jonathan Rosenberg
University of Maryland 
Non-commutative geometry and the Z/k  index theorem
October 18 MIT
Room 2-190
Domokos Szasz
Budapest University of
Technology and Economics
Algebraic methods and the Boltzmann-Sinai ergodic hypothesis
October 25 Harvard
Science Center D
David Mumford
Brown University 
Mathematics and vision
November 1 Brandeis
317 Goldsmith
Duong H. Phong
Two-loop superstrings  
November 8 MIT
Room 2-190
Andrei Okounkov
Random trees and moduli of curves 
November 15 Harvard
Science Center D
Richard Kenyon
Université Paris-Sud 
Random maps from Z2 to Z
November 29 Northeastern
509 Lake
David Sattinger
Utah State University 
Nonlinear water waves, inverse scattering, and the classical moment 
December 6 MIT
Room 2-190
Yuval Peres
Geometry of the uniform spanning forest 
December 13 Harvard
Science Center D
Steve Gersten
University of Utah 
Isoperimetric functions of nilpotent groups 
The Colloquium is held on Thursday afternoons.
Tea is from 4:00 to 4:30.  Talks are from 4:30 to 5:30.

Colloquium organizers

Brandeis University Fred Diamond
Harvard University Daniel Allcock
Matthew Baker
MIT Hubert Bray
Northeastern University Maxim Braverman

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